Contract Terms

1.1 Preamble

The scope of these Terms and Conditions covers the Website system available at the domain addresses listed in the footer, as well as the legal relationships of applications and networks connected to it. 

If you, as a User, wish to use a service or wish to make a purchase, you must read this document, because by finalizing an order and by explicitly marking the relevant field, you accept the content of the current document, even if, subsequently, any contractual point, or if you read the document later than when you accepted its content.


1.1 Preamble

1.2 Introduction

2.1 Data of the Companies

2.2. Concepts

3.1 Scope and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

4.1 Basic provisions

5.1 Range of products and services available for purchase

5.2 Placement and fulfillment of an order

6.1 Purchase price, payment terms, convenience fee, Comfortia

6.2. Right of withdrawal

6.3 Reservation of rights, ownership clause

7.1 Miscellaneous Provisions

7.2 Procedure for handling complaints

8.1 Liability

8.2 Applicable legislation

9.1 Appendix

1.2 Introduction

Our basic goal is user satisfaction, so if you have any questions regarding the current Document, the use of the Website, individual products, or the purchase process, or if you would like to share your individual comments with us, please contact our customer service via the support ticket system, which it is also available in the connection menu and in the footer.

2.1 Data of the Companies

2.1.1 Hungarian motorway vignette - Hungarian service, exclusively for motorway tolls in Hungary

Enternova Kft. (Company) sells driving rights (highway stickers) on toll road networks in Hungary in this system. As a result, everything related to the sale of highway stickers for the Hungarian road network is to be associated with the responsibility and authority of Enternova Kft. Hungarian road user fees must be managed separately from services related to the non-Hungarian toll road network, regardless of the fact that these separate services can be used here in the same system. Its service is based on centralized mobile sales services sold by Nemzeti Mobilpälätsi Zrt.

  • Enternova Kft. cannot be held responsible in the event that a legal dispute arises from the sale of non-Hungarian motorway vignette.
  • Enternova Kft. disclaims all liability arising from the sale of non-Hungarian highway stickers.

Data of Enternova Kft.:

  • 2116 Zsámbok Hunyadi Street 1.
  • Tax number: 24892955-2-13
  • Company registration number: 13 09 186967

Enternova Kft. can be reached through the support ticket system from the contact menu and the footer. When the given support ticket is opened, its content, if it falls under the jurisdiction of Enternova Kft., is automatically directed to it for processing.

2.1.1 Non-Hungarian motorway vignette - non-Hungarian service, only for non-Hungarian tolls

In this system, Network Line Ltd. (Company) sells access rights (motorway stickers) on toll road networks not located in Hungary. As a result, everything related to the sale of highway stickers for the non-Hungarian road network is to be associated with the responsibility and authority of Network Line Ltd. Non-Hungarian road user fees must be managed separately from services related to the Hungarian toll road network, regardless of the fact that these separate services can be used here in the same system.

  • Network Line Ltd. cannot be held responsible in the event that a legal dispute arises from the sale of motorway vignette in Hungary.
  • Network Line Ltd. disclaims all liability arising from the sale of Hungarian highway stickers.

Data of Network Line Ltd.:

  • Hova Villas 1
  • BN3 3DH
  • Brighton & Hove
  • Tax number: 22013 28802

Network Line Ltd can be reached via the support ticket system from the contact menu and footer. When a given support ticket is opened, its content, if it falls under the jurisdiction of Network Line Ltd., is automatically directed to it for processing.

2.2 Concepts

  • Contract Terms: this Document, Business Rules, Regulations
  • Operators: 1. Enternova Kft (Hungarian toll sales) and 2. Network Line Ltd (non-Hungarian toll sales).
  • User: visitor of the Website (Application), customer.
  • Parties: Operator and User together.
  • Application: software that can be installed on Android and IOS devices.
  • Third party: the original issuer of the purchased product or service (in the case of motorway vignette: the main sales representative of the National Toll).
  • Website: the domain, website used to conclude the contract, as well as the directly related Android and IOS Applications.
  • Document: The contract between the Company and the User resulting from the use of the Website: the current Document.
  • Product, Service: an item offered on the Website and intended for sale, which is the subject of the current Agreement.
  • Motorway vignette: the colloquial name of the toll.
  • Sign of majesty: code of the country issuing and registering the vehicle's registration number, country of origin.
  • Country of origin: the Majesty's sign
  • Convenience service: the part representing added value in the administration process offered by the Website and Applications (6.1.2).
  • Comfortia service: value-added, basic fee service that the Operator automatically provides to the User (6.1.2). 
  • Auxil: assistance service for remedying traffic fines.
  • Invoice: accounting receipt of the payment transaction. It does not in itself give you the right to start using the fee-based service.
  • Receipt: accounting receipt of the payment transaction. It does not in itself give you the right to start using the fee-based service.
  • Proof: an electronic document that identifies the purchased service. In the case of Motorway vignette, it must contain the registration number, the country of origin (signature), the date of entry into force and the date of expiry, the destination country, the type of vehicle (classification by category), and in some cases other identification data.

3.1 Scope and acceptance of the current Document

The content of the resulting contract is determined by the current Document in addition to the provisions of the relevant binding legislation. Accordingly, the current Document contains the rights and obligations of the User and the Operator, as well as the conditions for the creation of the Contract, the performance deadlines, the payment conditions, the liability rules, and the conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal.

Before finalizing the order, the User must familiarize himself with the provisions of the current Document. By purchasing through the Website, the User accepts the provisions of the current Document. The Document forms an inseparable part of the contract between the Parties.

4.1 Basic provisions

The current Document has been placed in the footer of the current Website, is available in several languages, is effective from the specified date and is valid until revoked. By using the Website, especially when placing an order, and by explicitly marking the relevant field, the User accepts that all regulations related to the use of the Website automatically apply to him. 

If the User accesses the Website Operated by the Company or uses related applications, reads their contents in any way, the User acknowledges that the contents of the Document are binding on him/her. The operator is entitled to unilaterally modify the content of the Document, which is not retroactive.

5.1 Range of products and services available for purchase

On the Website, you can primarily browse and purchase online motorway vignette (tolls, tolls, and the Certificate proving it), as well as travel insurance offers and travel-related services.

The prices for the products can be displayed in different currencies and include the applicable taxes based on the issued invoice and the seat of the operating company. Detailed product descriptions and selectable options can be found on the product pages. The exchange rates are updated every 24 hours using the MNB exchange rate indicator.

5.2 Placement and fulfillment of an order

The Operator will do his best to provide the User with the quality of service that the User can reasonably expect based on his experience and experience.

The Operator considers the contract to have been fulfilled when the Operator has submitted the request for the product or service ordered by the User to the competent Third Party and can verify the request, regardless of how the Third Party acts in relation to the actual time and method of registration in the system. .

The creation of the fee payment transaction by the User and its date does not in itself mean a valid right of use, until the User receives the Certificate entitling him/her to use the given service from the Website system. Payment receipts, invoices and payment-related transaction identifiers (for example, posted item, email, SMS) do not in themselves constitute a right of use. As a result, in connection with a possible fine or other damage event, the events connected to the payment transaction do not create a legal basis for a claim or claim for compensation. 

The operator processes the offered service within a maximum of 30 minutes after the order has been validly placed. The system indicates the currently expected processing time for the given service before and in some cases after the order process. At the same time, the expiration date of the countdown clock that appears in some cases does not mean automatic right of use until the User has actually received the electronic Certificate. The countdown clock is for reference only. Fulfillment usually takes place earlier than the indicated time, while in rare cases it takes place later.

The operator declares that he acts to the best of his ability in the case of each order. The operator guarantees that if it is unable to complete the order for the given product within the indicated time interval, it will immediately notify the User of this fact via one of the contact details provided. In such cases, based on a recorded oral or documented written agreement, the Operator may attempt to fulfill the order again, if the User has expressly consented to this. Otherwise, the Operator will send a document confirming the cancellation and automatically transfer the entire purchase amount back to the User within 5-8 working days to the bank card used for payment. Refunds can only be made to the source device.

6.1 Purchase price and payment terms

Only the Third Party, i.e. the body actually responsible, can decide on the issuance of the Certificate. The Certificate of motorway stickers is issued by the competent authority on the basis of local national regulations, decrees and laws, via the Website. The travel insurance or other service is issued by the given Third Party via the Website.

The Operator has no influence on the responsible body's decision to issue or refuse a Certificate related to motorway vignette or any other service, however, if the service offered by the Operator or a Third Party fails due to a communication error between them and there is a visible sign of this, the The operator undertakes to notify the User in one of the available ways and to finalize or cancel the transaction as expected.

The specific conditions of the right to use the road are determined jointly by the (main) representative of the given government and the authority. The current road usage conditions are determined according to the own Contract Terms of the company operating the given road network, which is outside the service and responsibility of the Companies operating this Website.

The indicated price of the travel insurance products includes the insurance premium for the given area for the ordered period and conditions, as well as the convenience service and the Operator's commission.

Other specific conditions of the insurance are determined by the company issuing the offer or the virtual policy. The current insurance conditions are determined according to the respective Contract Terms and Conditions of the given insurance company, which conditions and options are offered to the User by the Operator.

The services and products ordered on the Website are considered the services and products of Third Parties, for which the Operator provides the online system and semi-automatic or automatic assistance. In many cases, the Services and products are supplemented with basic services representing added value, and in other cases, they are expanded with optional extra services.

The receipt and invoice resulting from the summation of the original basic service provided by the Third Party and the Operator's self-maintenance and Comfort and Comfortia fees and commissions shall be issued by the Operator and delivered to the User. In certain cases, the Operator may send the receipt and certificate issued by the Third Party to the User in a separate e-mail. 

In any case, the User must wait for the Certificate, even if other documents (such as invoices, receipts) have already arrived or have been delayed in delivery. If the SMS service is active, the Operator will also send an SMS message about the service that has entered into force, which in itself is also not considered a Proof.

6.1.2 Comfortia service (not included in Hungarian motorway tolls)

Comfortia is an integral part of the motorway vignette buying process, which is part of end-user pricing, with added and enhanced value service.

The Comfortia plug-in main service is created automatically in the case of the motorway vignette purchase, within which, based on the payment transaction time, the Operator provides the User with 48 hours to ensure that the toll number entered at the time of the order, the wrong vehicle type, or the wrongly entered road usage apply for modification of validity period or start date, country of origin (majesty) and destination country data, via the support ticket system.

The possibilities for modification by Comfortia are basically not available in the Contract Terms of Third Parties, especially the change of destination country, for which there is no agreement between the road managers of each country. In such cases, the Operator assumes the costs, administration and administration fee, loss of profit, lack of expected profit for the User who initiates the request.

Comfortia's additional service is Auxil, which provides free administration for tolls purchased in the System for situations where the User is fined for the motorway vignette purchased in the System despite the fact that they had a valid toll or typed a maximum of one (1) character when entering the license plate number. With Auxil, Comfortia ensures that the User can make use of the Operator's cooperation free of charge to conduct the legal procedure in such cases, to appeal, to prepare and professionally submit a request for fairness or, ultimately, payment in installments, in the language of the given country and within the framework of authorized contact with the authority .

6.1.3 Convenience Fee

The Convenience Fee is defined as the basic service requested, with the value of added human assistance, bank card transaction costs, SMS fees, maintenance of 24-hour live customer service, sales tax, the conditions for the mechanical and human resources required to operate the system maintained by the Operator and, where applicable, the fee for the exchange rate difference .

The Convenience Fee in this sector is a generally accepted and legally used term applied by the State Road Management Authority of many countries to their online reseller partners. The Convenience Fee is basically not defined by the Third Party that provides it, but the Operator, in addition to the already mentioned list, defines it in such a way that a motorway vignette can be replaced with the help of the service even if, for example, the User forgot to buy it in time, i.e. the toll has already driven up section, but it has not yet come under (camera) control, so there is a way to buy the sticker urgently, online, without stopping. In addition, in this system, all this can be done without registration, faster than average, which is particularly important due to the specific nature of the situation (the User cannot stop on the highway). In this way, it is possible to legally avoid, for example, a particularly high fine. 

The scope of the Convenience fee also includes the elimination of language barriers (the User can shop in the system displayed in his own language), permanent opening hours and night duty (when the physical point of sale located on the User's route is closed), shopping without the need to stop (the User does not have to to interrupt your trip and visit a physical point of sale), and finally, avoiding travel delays caused by queuing, waiting, or downtime of the physical point of sale (e.g. gas station shift change time).

The convenience fee is a surcharge that the Operator adds to the final price for its own economic viability. Given that the motorway vignette is not a product in itself, but a symbolic certificate for the toll, in most cases the indicated price of the motorway vignette does not yet include - and cannot include - the end-user price increased by the convenience fee. Therefore, in most cases, this is the reason why the selection of motorway vignette and the price (fee) shown on it is lower than the final fee to be paid, which is finally shown in the checkout menu. 

Information on the existence of the convenience fee can be found in these terms and conditions, and in each case the exact daily price * is clearly displayed in the summary window before payment - at the point where the other data of the purchased product is aggregated. In addition, in most cases, the User's banking application requests approval when making a payment, which must clearly indicate the amount to be deducted. The user can even withdraw from the purchase at that moment, if he/she has not read the contents of the summary and the final price to be paid, or this document, with sufficient attention, even though he/she has acknowledged the contents of this document by accepting it. 

The convenience fee cannot be claimed back, and its extent or existence cannot be a legal basis for the end user to dispute it, even if the same fee is lower at another reseller or is free of this fee at the main distributor. The existence or amount of the convenience fee in itself cannot be the basis of a dispute in which the User claims back the convenience fee, a part of it, or the entire product - on the basis that he finds this fee "after all" high, after the otherwise valid purchase. 

However, based on an individual assessment, the later valid toll can be reclaimed even if the entire transaction process actually causes a significant loss to the Operator, but all this is done in order for the User to receive a full refund and to return to the same situation, when he can again freely decide on where you want to buy the given toll. In all cases, we grant such requests, according to point 6.2.3.

6.1.4 Convenience fees are not part of these General Terms and Conditions. Why?

This document was created on a specific date, which date can be found at the bottom of the document. However, convenience fees are constantly fluctuating by a few percentage points. The reason for this is the constant change in foreign exchange rates. Given that this system allows payment in different currencies, and sometimes the banking module itself continues to change (convert) the currency, these fees cannot be fixed with perfect accuracy in this document, because that would be misleading. The Operator queries the MNB exchange rates several times a day, and the system constantly adjusts the convenience fees in relation to foreign exchange rates. However, the overall price of the sticker price increased by the convenience fee and other additional costs is clearly indicated in the window before payment. The total amount to be paid is therefore highlighted in the checkout menu in such a way that it is the actual total amount, which does not change even when the User clicks on the "payment" button and executes the transaction. Thus, it is not possible for the User to see a different price in the checkout menu and the bank deducts a different price. An exception may be a possible technical error, but this is not at all typical of communication between secure payment systems. If such a case occurs, the Operator assumes the burdens that may have adversely affected the User and that he did not expect additional costs when he read the summary. However, such a case does not characterize the operation of the system.

6.2. Right of withdrawal

Virtual products and services can be ordered and used on the Website. As a result, the generally accepted or familiar methods of return of goods are not, or only partially, applicable. Thus, in some cases, the User loses the right to cancel at the moment of purchase. 

6.2.1 Withdrawal – Hungarian toll purchase

In the case of Hungarian tolls, if the User has created a successful payment transaction, the right to cancel will be lost at the same time. The user's right to withdraw from a contract concluded in absentia is provided for in (HU) 45/2014. (II. 26.) According to § 29, paragraph (1) point a) of the Government Decree, he is not entitled to it.

Time-proportional refund: the User does not have the option to request a time-proportional fee refund for the used or partially used Magyar motorway vignette, regardless of whether he started using the service and in what proportion he used it.

6.2.2 Withdrawal – non-Hungarian toll purchase

If the User has created a successful payment transaction and the effective date of the purchased (non-Hungarian) motorway vignette occurs at least 30 minutes after the submission of the cancellation request, and the User does not claim the highway sticker, he is protected by the Comfortia basic price service, because Evignet24 system provides the User with additional security in addition to the extra modification option (6.1.2.) within the framework of the Comfortia value-added service. In this context, if the User does not claim the purchased (non-Hungarian) highway sticker and motorway vignette takes effect at least 30 minutes later - as indicated to the Operator, then he has the option to request a full fee refund. This would not be possible for most road operators, but the Operator undertakes it at its own expense and responsibility within the framework of Comfortia's value-added, basic fee service.

The opened support ticket will be examined by the Operator within 15 minutes (this time is not included in the 30 minutes) and if there are no circumstances preventing a refund, the User may claim a refund of the entire amount paid, which the Operator will return within 5-8 working days , directly to the original transaction bank card. In the event of a refund, motorway vignette will be withdrawn before it takes effect. 

Termination of right of withdrawal - non-Hungarian toll purchase

  • In the case of the right to withdraw from the purchase of non-Hungarian motorway vignette, we comply with the same provisions and legal requirements that the issuing country of the given motorway vignette makes binding on itself. This is unique for each country. These provisions are based on the contractual conditions issued by the main toll distributor of the given country. In order that the Users of Evignet24 do not have to study these documents separately, therefore, if the User wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal in relation to the non-Hungarian motorway vignette purchased here, he can send his request through the contact form, and we will act according to the applicable laws of the given country, exactly applying the same laws that the User would have been entitled to if he had purchased the toll directly from the original main distributor. Thus, the fact that the User did not buy a highway sticker directly from a specific road operator does not mean at all that he could not exercise his legal right through us, which he could have done anyway. All such requests will be investigated and acted upon in accordance with the provisions of the respective country. If the customer is nevertheless particularly interested in the current regulations of the given country, he can view them at any time on the website of the operator and maintainer of the given highway, and if he believes that we have not acted in accordance with them, he can lodge a complaint with us. We assure you that we will make every correction so that your interests are not harmed even compared to if you had bought from a main distributor.

  • In the case of Austrian motorway tolls, the right of withdrawal is the expiry date +1 day. This means that the purchased Austrian motorway vignette can be returned at the Operator up to 24 hours after the validity period, and the entire fee paid will be refunded.
    Austrian motorway vignette purchase is not possible for Austrian, German and Swiss license plates. 
    In the case of Austrian highway stickers, if the customer purchased here and entered his data incorrectly, for which he will be fined, or if it can be caused by an error on the part of the Operator, the Operator will bear the cost of the fine.

6.2.3 Withdrawal for insurance products

The right of withdrawal ceases in the following cases:

  • If the User has made an offer to conclude the contract, the User has the right to withdraw the offer prior to the conclusion of the contract, which terminates the binding nature of the offer covering the conclusion of the contract.
  • The right of withdrawal shall be deemed to have been exercised within the deadline if the User has concluded the online contract, which was created by accepting the current Document.
  • In the case of a contract for the provision of a service, after the completion of the service as a whole, if the Operator has started the performance with the express, prior consent of the User and has acknowledged that he loses the right to cancel after the completion of the service as a whole.
  • With regard to a product or service whose value or price cannot be influenced by the company, the right of withdrawal depends on the possible fluctuation of the money market even during the deadline set for exercising the right of withdrawal.

6.3 Reservation of rights, ownership clause

The operator reserves the right to distribute the Website or any part of it and the content appearing on it, as well as the Website. The texts, figures, photographs and illustrations appearing on the Website are the intellectual property of the Operator. Imitating, copying, or using them after changing them in an identifiable way is against the law. 

The programming code of the Website and the Applications are unique and are the intellectual property of the Operator. Storing the website's program code and using it on another website in part or in its entirety, in its original or modified form, is an act that violates the law. 

7.1 Miscellaneous Provisions

If any part of the current Document becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining parts will not be affected.

If the Operator does not exercise its right based on the current Document, the failure to exercise the right cannot be considered a waiver of the given right. A waiver of any right is only valid if expressly stated in writing. The fact that the Operator does not strictly adhere to an essential condition or stipulation of the Document on a certain occasion does not mean that he waives it or insists on following the given condition or stipulation in the future.

Purchasing via the Website basically assumes the User's knowledge and acceptance of the possibilities, practices and limitations of the Internet. The User acknowledges that he/she must assess the possible risks related to browsing and shopping, and that he/she must personally ensure the safe use of the infrastructure and the protection of the data stored on it.

The operator is not responsible for damages resulting from VIS majeure or other events beyond its control, including, but not limited to:

  • From the use or malfunction of the Website,
  • From changing the data by anyone,
  • Due to the delay in the transmission of information,
  • For damages resulting from software errors, Internet network errors, other technical errors, line or system errors.
  • Furthermore, if the performance delay or other problem or error occurs due to inaccurate or incorrect data provided by the User.

7.2 Complaint handling system

The goal of the Website is to fulfill all orders in the appropriate quality with the full satisfaction of the User. If the User still has an objection to the Contract or its performance, it can be submitted through the Operator's support ticket system.

The user can make his written request or complaint in his own name, through the support ticket system created for this purpose. The right to cancel, modify, withdraw and handle complaints can only be exercised from the email address that is part of the original purchase.

If the User does not agree with the handling of the complaint, the Operator takes a record of the complaint and its position on it, which it examines again within 15 calendar days and notifies the User of its final position. 

8.1 Liability

The operator shall not be liable for any claim arising from the ordering of the product or service, if it can be proven that it is partly or entirely due to the error or carelessness of the User.

These may include, for example, data incorrectly entered by the User, destination area, country of origin (majesty), registration number, validity period, vehicle category classification, travel data, personal data, vehicle data, as well as those resulting from the peculiarities of the internet infrastructure disruptions caused by delays.

In addition to these, due to impatience and carelessness of the User, if he uses the given service earlier or in a different way than before he was convinced beyond all doubt that he actually has the Certificate, from which all essential data relating to the trip, personal data and vehicle can be successfully identified .

  • The User accepts that it is only in his own interest to wait for the period until his order is actually fulfilled. After that, you must make sure that the given certificate has actually arrived, and that the data is correct and valid.

  • The User has the duty to view the acknowledgment, invoice, receipt, Certificate (if the SMS service is active, also the SMS message) received from his order and compare it with his own data or those of the orderer. The user can only use a paid service (e.g. road use) when he has been convinced beyond all doubt of the correctness of the confirmed data, by means of the Certificate.

  • The User may only use a service (for example, road use) at his own risk, in which a fine may be imposed in case of non-payment of the fee, or the unauthorized use of the service may result in other disadvantages.

  • The User acknowledges that, based on the provisions of this Document, pecuniary and non-pecuniary liability cannot be imposed on the Operator, or on persons, businesses, third parties, companies, or companies connected to the Website.

  • The User acknowledges that he must identify a Certificate for a specific Service himself. The Operator provides the e-mail containing the Certificate with an attachment marked with the word Certificate. Misidentification or confusion of the Certificate with another system letter is the User's own responsibility.

The operator disclaims all responsibility arising from a case where the User provided incorrect, untrue or inaccurate data, or did not wait for the period during which he received the actual Order Confirmation, or if he was not properly convinced of the incoming Confirmation about the correctness of the data included, or if the User mistakenly considered the fee payment transaction alone, or the order receipt confirmation, invoice, receipt, email, SMS alone, as proof of use.

The Operator disclaims all liability for compensation that arises if the User's trip encounters unexpected difficulties, for example because he had to wait for a confirmation (such as a Certificate) from the Operator, or because he has any problems, disadvantages, costs related to the confirmation or as a result of it, or other pecuniary or non-pecuniary damage, including business or private trips and related expenses of any kind, which may be pre-planned or unexpected expenses.

  • The operator does not reimburse travel and accident damage, fines, penalties, fuel costs, vehicle use and rental fees, parking fees, storage or delivery fees, rental apartments, rental cars, clothing, meals, medical reimbursements, as well as perceived damages arising from interruptions abroad or elsewhere , or real damage, and other property or non-property damage that the User wishes to pass on to the Operator or a third party for any reason as a result of or in connection with the use of the service.

  • The User acknowledges that, according to the field that must be marked at the time of purchase, accepting the current Contractual Terms, he has no right to claim compensation or charge back against the Website and the Operator, neither direct (for example, by imposing a fine) nor indirect, such as travel as a result of damage or disadvantages affecting its circumstances.

  • The operator is not responsible for notification failure due to a typed email address or SMS phone number, or if the user's mail system sends the primarily incoming mail to another folder (junk mail, advertising, other), or if the user deletes it, does not receive it, or does not detect it for other reasons, and if the reception of the SMS sent by the Website fails for any reason.

  • The operator is not liable for compensation if it is still unable to provide the ordered Service. In such a case, it is only responsible for returning the amount to the User's source account to the extent of the amount appearing in the payment transaction.

  • The operator logs the filling out of the forms and the transactions and presents it as evidence to the acting authority in the event of a possible legal dispute. The User acknowledges that, in such a case, only the system log file submitted by the Operator is authoritative in deciding what actual data the original order was made by the User, and what actual service the Operator performed or did not perform in accordance with it or differently from it.

8.1.2 Litigation costs and liability

If the User or non-User initiates a lawsuit against the Operator by taking advantage of the presumed legal remedies and legal options, and loses the lawsuit in the procedure, or the procedure is terminated by the authority for lack of evidence, in that case the User or the person initiating the procedure acknowledges that the incurred costs will be requested by the Operator to be charged back in the form of a related lawsuit, which may, as the case may be, be aimed at compensation, damages, even in connection with the violation of the good reputation of the Website.

8.2. Applicable legislation

The Contract is governed by the provisions of Union law, and in particular the following legislation applies:

  • Regulation 2018/302 of the EU Parliament and Council (February 28, 2018) on action against unjustified territory-based content restrictions and other forms of discrimination based on the customer's nationality, residence or place of establishment within the internal market, as well as 2006/2004/EC and on the amendment of Regulation (EU) 2017/2394 and Directive 2009/22/EC.
  • Regulation 2016/679 of the EU Parliament and Council (April 27, 2016) on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free flow of such data, and on the repeal of Regulation 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

  • Regarding the sales of road tolls in Hungary, which are not regulated in these Terms of Business, the Individual Reseller Agreement between the Parties and Hungarian law, in particular CC of 2011 on the national mobile payment system. Act and Act No. 356/2012 on the implementation of the Act on the National Mobile Payment System. (XII. 13.) Government Decree and the relevant provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code are governing.

  • Non-Hungarian toll sales are governed by the Individual Reseller Agreement concluded between the Parties and the relevant provisions of the United Kingdom's legal system in relation to those not regulated in these Terms of Business.

9.1 Appendix

9.1.1 Fine management 

Failure to purchase motorway stickers (tolls, tolls) in the correct manner and on time can result in a particularly high fine, which can be several times the basic toll, which is why it is important that you act responsibly when using your vehicle on toll roads, motorways, bridges and tunnels avail. 

If you drove onto a toll road, you can no longer redeem the fine by purchasing the sticker afterwards. The fine cannot be avoided retrospectively. or by purchasing a sticker in progress, if you have passed through a checkpoint and this has been registered by the relevant authority. It is considered a purchase in progress if you have driven onto the highway without paying a toll and upon noticing this drive out to one of the filling stations, purchase the sticker while traveling, having already passed through the checkpoint and registered it with the authority.

The purpose of the fine is to ensure that the road management company receives a higher income than usual. The purpose of the fine is not to allow the road management company to subsequently obtain the amount that you did not pay in advance. If you understand the basic purpose of fines, you will also be aware that a fine cannot be triggered by showing a correction sticker.

If you have been fined in any EU country for not paying the road user fee, contact our customer service for your legal remedies. Within the framework of our Auxil service, we offer international legal remedies for relatively high fines (>250€). The service is subject to a fee. Users who purchased the given and disputed highway sticker in the Evignet24 system are exempt from paying the legal remedy assistance fee. For them, we provide the service free of charge, which is part of the Comfortia plug-in service.

Requests for the service can be initiated in the support ticket system, which is available in the contact menu and in the footer. I I

Date: 03/03/2024