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Nowadays, all Evignet24 customers order their motorway stickers online. It's convenient, fast, and only Evignet24 protects with the Comfortia© sticker exchange guarantee.

Hassle-free travel

Hungary Hungary

In Hungary, the use of motorway vignette is required for all vehicles on toll roads.

Romania Romania

In Romania, the use of the digital motorway vignette is mandatory. Buy your toll now.

Slovakia Slovakia

In Slovakia, the use of motorways is subject to a toll. Motorway vignette can be purchased online.

Czech Republic Czech Republic

Use of Czech motorway vignette is mandatory throughout the Czech Republic. The fee can be paid online.

Austria Austria

Use of Motorway vignette is required in Austria. Click to purchase the toll that is valid immediately.

Slovenia Slovenia

In Slovenia, the use of the digital motorway vignette is mandatory. The online toll can be purchased in minutes.

Bulgaria Bulgaria

Motorway vignette is mandatory on all highways in Bulgaria. Shop here in just a few clicks.

Switzerland Switzerland

Digital, electronic toll payment - the online highway sticker - has been available in Switzerland since 2024.

Hassle-free travel